Meet the .farm team


Our engineering team is based in Davis, CA… but, we didn’t all start here. We came together after years of working in the robotics, software, and food industries to solve the ever-growing problems of increasing labor costs and challenging labor conditions in farming.

We have a history of changing industries using robotics. Our last company, Greenbotics, changed the solar industry forever. By deploying hundreds of solar panel cleaning robots to solar farms around the world, we improved financial returns for owners, reduced water use, and created hundreds of high-tech jobs for workers.

We now have a similar mission in farming:

  • Use robots to improve costs, quality and throughput for our customers

  • improve working conditions for workers at our customers’ farms

  • elevate farm workers to create a generation of robotic farmers and equipment operators

If this mission is for you, and you need a change, please consider joining us. Click here to apply for an open position.