Now available in Washington. 

Robotic Apple Harvester

Our mission to automate the toughest tasks in farming now extends to tree fruit, with our robotic apple harvester. By reusing the majority of our custom technology that we use in strawberry harvest, we have gained a lot of momentum after just one season.

Apple Harvester
Robotic Arm with Grippers

Robotic Arms and Suction Cup Grippers

With multiple robotic arms on each harvester, we gently and quickly pick apples without causing damage to the fruit.

Apple Harvester Automation

Apple orchard architecture makes it an ideal place for automation

Farmers are innovative people. They have been preparing for automation for decades by modernizing their orchards in a robot friendly way.

Apple Harvester Press and Articles receives grant funding to support R&D for robotic apple harvest

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Proven Track Record

“This company has a proven track record of getting harvest automation solutions all the way into the field and in grower hands.”

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