AUTOMATED PODCAST featuring Co-Founder Kyle Cobb

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Our Co-Founder, Kyle Cobb, was featured on Episode #74 of the Automated Podcast, hosted by Marc Verbenkov.

Listen to the podcast here.

ABOUT THE EPISODE (from host, Marc Verbenkov)
As the podcast tries to explore the impact of automation in as many relevant industries as possible, I’ve had the good fortune to have a few episodes on how agriculture is being disrupted. Previous episodes have looked at how automation has impacted the threat of invasive weeds, the potential benefits of IoT in crop monitoring, and the emerging vertical farm industry. But in today’s episode we’ll go a bit deeper into agriculture by looking at one of the essential actions, harvesting, and how it is being automated and what kind of repercussions it might have for both farmers and workers now and in the future. To discuss this and what the future of specialty crop harvesting might look like is my guest Kyle Cobb the Co-Founder and CFO of Advanced.Farm.

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