Strawberry Harvester

The BetterPick strawberry harvester is designed with today’s grower in mind. Learn how growers all over California have used our technology to pick thousands of pounds of fruit every day – and night.


Headcount savings to work double time with almost half the people

100 lbs/hr

Pick rate per machine can match the rate of the average human harvester


More productive than a human harvester

Product Reliability

Product Reliabilty

Our machines are battle-tested in the field, with tens of thousands of runtime hours on strawberry farms. But, here’s a look at the rigorous testing we perform before we even leave the lab to make sure you can depend on us.

How it Works: Sorting and Packing

To realize the full benefits of automation on your ranch, use the BetterPack automated strawberry packline. With this gentle, efficient sorting and packing line, your experienced crews can pack to your standard and delight your customers in new ways.

Robot History

“Advanced Farm has really helped me as a grower and my team really advance into the new realm.”

Matt Conroy

General & District Manager

Good Farms

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